The Iron Crush ring grippers are guaranteed to be free of material defects or component malfunctions. Iron Crush provides a limited warranty that covers the expenses, without charge, of any problem or malfunction that occurs during the first two years after the original date of purchase or delivery of a new Iron Crush product.

If a covered defect occurs during the two-year warranty period, Iron Crush agrees to repair, replace, or issue a full refund of the defective item to the purchaser. Iron Crush’s total liability under this warranty is limited to the purchase price of the items listed above.

The choice for repair, replacement, or payment is Iron Crush’s. Any steps taken by Iron Crush to correct defects does not act to extend the term of this warranty. All repairs by Iron Crush will be at no charge to the customer and will be performed within a reasonable length of time, defined as 30 days from the date on any warranty work order issued by Iron Crush unless other scheduling is arranged with the customer.

The defected item must be received by us prior to the expiration of the warranty. An image of the item is also sufficient to prove the defect.

Consequential or incidental damages are excluded from this warranty. Normal wear and tear of the product is excluded from this warranty as well as any defect caused by or worsened by negligence, improper maintenance, lack of maintenance, improper action or inaction, or willful or malicious acts by any party other than Iron Crush.

Please mail your gripper back to us with a copy of your proof of purchase. If the defect is clearly visible on an image, it is sufficient to just send us a clear photo of your gripper.

Mail to:
320 Roabling St Suite 317

Amazon customers:
We have one authorized dealer on Amazon under the name “The Gift Trader”. If you purchase your grippers from a different third party seller, your grippers will not be covered under our warranty. Therefore, we recommend purchasing your Iron Crush grippers from our authorized dealer only.