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Silicone Ring Hand Grippers

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Receive three resistance levels – 60 Lbs, 70 Lbs and 80 Lbs

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Silicone Ring Hand Grippers

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Receive three resistance levels – 30 Lbs, 40 Lbs and 50 Lbs

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Crushing – Place the Hand Gripper in the palm of your hand. Use the base of your palm and the middle of your fingers to exert force inwards – a crushing action. More resistance should be felt the further you crush the Hand Gripper. This grip-training method exercises predominantly the forearm muscles for increased arm strength in throwing and pushing actions. This will benefit sports such as tennis, football, gymnastics, golf, hockey, rugby, rowing, car racing, fishing and baseball.


Pinching – Hold the Hand Gripper with the tips of your fingers. Squeeze the Hand Gripper with a pinching action. You may intensify this exercise by using just two or three fingers. This exercise will be relatively harder compared to the Crushing and Extension grip-training techniques. This grip-training method exercises predominantly the finger muscles for increased dexterity and precision. This will benefit sports such as rock-climbing, archery, crossfit, basketball, volleyball, cricket, shooting, gaming and piano.


Extension – Place the tips of all five fingers into theHand Gripper. Spread your fingers evenly out in an extending action. As you push your fingers further outwards, you should feel greater resistance from the Hand Gripper. This grip-training method exercises the extensor muscles located in the back of the forearm and palm muscles for increased hand control.This will benefit sports such as judo, jujitsu, wrestling, MMA, jet ski, martial arts and bodybuilding.


Iron Crush Silicone Ring (3-in-1) Hand Grippers are a versatile easy addition to your daily routine – whether it is in the gym, at home or even in the office. The three major grip-training methods are a safe, effective and proven way to maximize your grip and lower arm strength. Increased grip strength is significantly beneficial not only for sport performance, but also in everyday activities, as it improves on the fine motor skills.

1. Three Major grip-training methods
2. Multiple Difficulty levels
3. For all ages and stages
4. Portable and easily used
5. Made to last a lifetime
6. Sized especially for all adult hands

  • Designed to cover the three major grip exercises – This Gripper serves as a great tool for crushing, pinching and extension so that you can increase grip strength evenly from your fingers all the way up to your elbow.
  • Available in 6 strength levels – This Gripper gets you the most comfortable starting point, and then helps you grow so that you can increase the intensity of your workout as you go to higher levels.
  • Great for training athletes, giving performance a positive boost – This Gripper is not just for beginners, Professional athletes in sports such as Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, MMA, Wrestling, Boxing and especially Rock Climbing can benefit most from the better grip strength this will get
  • Very portable and easy to use – This Gripper is designed with reality in mind… so that you should really be able to use them almost anywhere and at anytime – at your desk, stuck in traffic, walking, watching TV or even in the shower!
  • Exceptionally high quality premium silicone – This Gripper was made with the aim to offer durability to last a lifetime, and we didn’t cut any corners producing it. Just get used to it, and use it for life!
  • Scientifically designed and sized for all adult men and women – This Gripper had all of you in mind, so if you want to get a real good grip – this is the product you’re looking for!

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2 Year Warranty By Iron Crush

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2 Year Warranty By Iron Crush

Iron Crush is dedicated to helping athletes excel in all types of competition. We go to great lengths to ensure that every product we distribute is safe and maximally effective. Our products are built to last through a lifetime of exercise and as a result, we guarantee your satisfaction. If our silicone hand grippers rip, tear or break, within 2 years from date of purchase, we will give you your choice of a free replacement or a full refund – 100% guaranteed!

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